Selling Final Expense
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Final Expense Quotes

Our Final Expense Quote engine for agents will provide you with final expense quotes from 7 Life Insurance Carriers. This final expense quote engine is to be used as a tool in helping you determine which final expense carrier will be the best match for your client.

Final Expense Quote Engine

FExQuotes Final Expense Quote Engine

Our Final Expense quote engine is available FREE to all of our life insurance agents who are licensed with us. However, if you would like the ability to email the results to clients on the fly you can also get your OWN final expense quote engine on your site.

A built-in emailer allows you to email your final expense quotes with a custom personal message. The eMail function is a perfect companion to the CRM / Lead Management system and web quoting plugin. The ability to easily and quickly eMail a quote is an indispensible tool for those who are selling final expense by phone.

FExQuotes Final expense quote engine, available at a very reasonable $20 per month, and if you’re one of our agents get 20% off the already fair price. If you’re contracted with us, email us at to ask for your special discount code. All you need to run your final expense quote with the quoting software is the clients age or birthday, tobacco status, state, gender, benefit type (Level, Graded, Guarantee Issue), and the face amount being requested.

Did you know you could sell Final Expense Life Insurance over the phone?

If you are selling final expense or thinking about getting into the business you should know that E-apps and telephone voice signatures are changing the Life Insurance Final Expense Industry. Find out how these technologies are making Final Expense policies more profitable for an agent to sell.

- Final expense coverage in one easy call - Two products to fit different situations - Full death benefit payable for accidental death

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