Critical Illness Insurance


A critical illness – heart attack, cancer, stroke – can strike anyone. CI Insurance pays a lump-sum benefit at first diagnosis of a covered illness or procedure.  Benefit dollars may be used to pay anything – the mortgage, deductibles, co-pays, child care, or replace lost wages. Could a $25,000 or $50,000 benefit help relieve your client’s financial stress during a difficult time?

AssurityBalance® Critical Illness Policy Highlights

Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis of specified illnesses or conditions, or undergoing specific medical procedures.
This is a limited-benefit policy, not a substitute for health insurance and may not be appropriate for Medicaid recipients.

  • 18 through 64 (age last birthday)
  • Underwriting Classes:
  • Non-tobacco and Tobacco
  • Benefit Amounts:
  • $50,000 – $500,000
  • Rate Structure:
  • Level premiums based on gender, age and underwriting class
  • Renewability:
  • Guaranteed renewable for life; benefit amount will be reduced by 50 percent in the policy year following the insured’s 65th birthday or five years from the issue date, whichever is later.


CriticalAdvantage® from Mutual of Omaha

The lump sum benefit in the Critical Advantage policy can be used to fill gaps in your client’s current coverage.  Most health coverage issued through employers does not cover all the costs associated with a critical illness and disability insurance is meant to provide people with ongoing income replacement when they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

Since critical advantage pays a lump sum payment upon diagnosis, it can be used to fill gaps like specialized treatments not included in standard health insurance, elimination periods, reduced income and tax implications.

CriticalCare Plus from AIG

If you have a CriticalCare Plus® policy and are diagnosed with a major illness, you could be eligible for an immediate tax-free payment to cover expenses including:

  • replacing lost income
  • covering deductibles, co-pays or out-of-network expenses
  • gaining access the best health care, and exploration of experimental drugs or treatments.

CriticalCare Plus not only includes free membership in our Best Doctors® program but offers a wide variety of coverage period options:

  • lifetime
  • 30 yr
  • 20 yr
  • 15 yr
  • 10 yr

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