Annuities are one of the most reliable ways to help your clients secure their financial future. However, annuities come in all shapes and sizes. Some are tailored for income, some for future growth and others as a secure savings vehicle. We help make sense of the vast number of annuity solutions for savings, retirement and income planning needs.

Deferred Annuities – Declared Rates:  Offer tax deferred fixed interest rates up to 10 years or even longer.

Deferred Annuities – Fixed Index Rates: Guaranteed minimum values plus the potential for growth informed by market conditions.

Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA):  Alternatives to certificates of deposit. A guaranteed interest rate is applied to premiums paid for multiple years in a row.  The tax benefit of an annuity with no exposure to stock or bond market risk.

Immediate Annuity (SPIA): Your client makes a single premium payment and then receives an immediate stream of income. The insurance company pays them a set amount each month for the rest of their live, the rest of their live and that of a named joint annuitant, or for a specified number of years. Only annuities can guarantee specified income no matter how long a client lives.


We offer licensed insurance agents a variety of tools and resources to help you better evaluate annuity carriers, products, features, and benefits. Our tools include:

  • Annuity Search Engine
  • Annuity Forms
  • FIA Comparative Analysis
  • SPIA Quotes


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