Property & Casualty Insurance

Effective September 29, 2019 we will launch an expanded platform for Property & Casualty business. Also, we will, at the same time, end acceptance of new business with Liberty Mutual.

The new program will offer much broader and more comprehensive access to carriers, markets, and revenue opportunities. Access to personal lines coverage and markets has expanded but several new improvements are added:

Many more carriers for Home, Auto, and Personal Liability

A much broader carrier selection will make you more responsive and competitive for both new business and on renewal.

Access to Small Business Commercial and Workers Comp

This is a huge step. Our focus is on helping P&C licensed producers who are primarily life, health, and annuity agents add a revenue stream as they build stronger relationships with their customer base. The addition of commercial lines means you will be able to add a valuable and profitable service for your policyholders who are owners of small businesses.

Concierge Support Maximizes Your Revenue and Makes Doing Business Easier

A turnkey process gives you great net revenue and maximum client support with no disruption for you to enter or expand your P&C business. We will continue to offer access and support established independent P&C shops. But our unique Concierge P&C Service is an exciting new opportunity for agents for whom P&C is not their primary market.

Exclusive New 5-Minute Rate and Bind Program for Small Business Workers Comp

This is brand new, in fact it will not go active until later in October. While competitors are sure to follow, we believe this to be exclusive to organizations affiliated with LTA Marketing. Again, giving you a great opportunity to broaden your business, build stronger client relationships, and not dilute efforts in your primary markets.

Watch for updates here and more details as we get underway. We are really excited to take the next step in building our P&C support and services for you and your clients.

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