Property & Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance

LTA’s Property & Casualty Concierge Program adds new revenue streams for licensed producers whose primary business activities and income are from other than Property & Casualty. The emphasis is on Commercial Lines with only very limited access to Personal Lines

Who is an LTA Concierge Program candidate?

The Concierge platform supports financial professionals who hold a P&C license but earn the majority of their income from financial services other than P&C production. Candidates for Concierge affiliation are often:

  • Life insurance agents or agencies
  • Registered product brokers, representatives, or RIAs
  • Bank or Credit Union representatives
  • Health agents or ACA solicitors
  • Long Term Care or Disability producers
  • Mortgage, loan, or trade services brokers

What is the Concierge Program?

The program gives financial professionals who hold a P&C licensed but who DO NOT WANT to be involved with the expense, time, and responsibility of the sales and service aspects of commercial P&C. But, they DO WANT to protect their customers, strengthen their client relationships, and build an additional revenue stream. 

An agent holding a P&C licenser can provide a valuable client service while building their P&C business without distraction from their main business focus.

How does the Concierge Program work?

Concierge Members send commercial P&C referrals to their Concierge Sales Agent. Your Concierge Sales Team reaches out to the client to gather information, shops and assesses the markets, makes expert recommendations, and closes your sale.

Your Concierge Service Center takes care of everything regarding the client.
The role of a Concierge Member is to provide high quality referrals that are expecting your Concierge Sales Agent’s call to gather the information necessary for the best possible quote. 

You get 50% of a typical P&C agent commission and the confidence that your clients have received top tier expertise, attention, and service.

Why would I split my commissions?

Because it is a great idea. While you don’t receive all of the commission you have ever heard of or imagined, you are keeping more than most P&C shop owners net.

The Concierge program gives you broad access to hard-to-get Commercial Lines, with sales supported by experts in each of the markets, and serviced by experienced CSRs and systems. You have no fixed overhead. You do not have to disrupt your already profitable business. And you’ve created an additional revenue stream. 

Does the Concierge Program Actually Work?

The average net income for a current Concierge producer is $184,644. Removing the two top producers, each of whom netted over $700,000, changes the average for the remaining group to $49,555. Not all are earning six figures but the top two earn more than $700,000 and four others earn more than $100,000 net.

The Concierge program is not just some clever gimmick. To make the sort of money the leaders, or even the average producer, makes you must be engaged in the process. Money is not going to just start falling out of the sky. Let’s look at how some Concierge producers make it work:

  • Female 67 retired CSR and agency accountant. learned to recognize clients that were not prospects for the agency and referred them to her Concierge Team. Later she bought a small book of business that she also referred to her Team. She never wrote any of the cases nor did she have any overhead or service responsibilities. Current income from those referrals is $51,000.
  • 44 Year old salaried staff marketer with a captive carrier. He also regularly refers prospects unrelated to his employment, to his Concierge team. After four years his annual net is more than $90,000. No overhead or staff expenses.
  • 65 Year old widow. Although she was licensed, she knew almost nothing about her deceased husband’s agency when she inherited it. At that point in her life she didn’t want to assume the risk and responsibilities of staffing and running an agency. The Concierge Program has maintained a much needed stable $37,000 income when she needed it most without stress or risk.
  • 43 Year old Mom had prospected and referred business that she had continued to service but had never sold any of the policies. When she came across an unexpected new career opportunity, she was able to move in a completely different direction yet continue to earn $55,000 through the Concierge program.
  • 32 Year old has focused completely on the Concierge program turning himself into a referral machine building an extraordinary business without the responsibilities of writing or the expense of servicing any accounts. Last year his net income exceeded $750,000. He is on-track to exceed $1 Million within the next couple of years based on his growth rate.

Successful Concierge producers don’t lose focus on their primary businesses or their personal lifestyle. In fact, they increase the level of service they provide their existing customers by adding commercial P&C coverage. They understand this program is based on expertise and quality rather than trying to sharp-shoot an extra point or dumping hard-to-place transactions. At the end of the day they’ve optimized a new market, built stronger client relationships, made more money, and made it to their kid’s soccer game on time.

Superior Compensation

All P&C Concierge Members can leverage their P&C production with either LTA’s Builder Bonus or Production Indexed Bonus (PiBonusSM) compensation for non-P&C production.

Where does LTA offer the Concierge Program?

Currently the LTA P&C Concierge Program is available in these states:

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